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Once inside you'll learn…

  • Confidence boosting drum solo exercises to start on tonight.
  • The easiest way to have jaw dropping solos without practicing hours and hours every day.
  • The BIGGEST reason you struggle with speed and flying around your kit… REVEALED.
  • Overclocked Rudiments!!! One simple tweak makes them 3 times faster.
  • Secret Fundamentals most drum instructors don’t know and can’t teach. Avoid bad habits! Save years of wasted practice time!
  • The absolute best angles for cymbal ricochets.
  • 2 minute speed and endurance rescues.
  • “Chain of Command” - Specific sticking patterns to use in EXACT order so you solo like a pro in only days.
  • 5 minute technique cleanups.
  • Drum Tech Secrets – No more guess work. The exact details on how to set up your drumset so you fly around it like a tornado.
  • Go Turbo! Release the brakes off your hands using my “Newton” theory.
  • Plus, details of the FREE Drum Solos Made Easy DVD I have just for you.

How To Play A Drum Solo

Joe Stronsick has been tearing up the drumming scene since 1995 with his breakthrough strategies that have led his students to set the world’s fastest hands and fastest feet records. His students include Los Angeles and New York drum pros, drum instructors, session drummers, and Berklee and MI graduates. Not only has he been featured in Stick It magazine but you’ve probably seen his ads in Modern Drummer and DRUM! magazine since 1995. He’s a seasoned world-class, world-famous instructor that gets you soloing around your drums like a tornado so you can get standing ovations the next time you play out.

"It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing," Joe says… and he INSISTS he can quickly teach his Drum Solos Made Easy secrets to YOU… instantly adding more speed, creativity and self confidence when playing behind your drum set."
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